ViMP 3.0.2

ViMP 3.0.2 includes several minor improvements and bugfixes for ViMP 3.0.

 Read more about the new ViMP 3.0 here!
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Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • New: purging of blogs added
  • New: purging of channels added
  • New: purging of groups added
  • New: purging of categories added
  • New: purging of forum posts added
  • New: purging of pages added
  • New: purging of slides added
  • New: purging of newsletters added
  • New: recommended media fallback with latest media (if no recommended medium can be found)
  • New: Pacific template: private media marker in thumbnails
  • New: Pacific template: private groups marker in thumbnails
  • New: framework task "recalculate" added
  • Fix: Pacific template: external menu links can be opened in a new window again
  • Fix: Classic template: embed code generator size bug fixed
  • Fix: Classic template: search result paging fixed
  • Fix: Pacific mobile template: batch upload issue fixed
  • Fix: registration issue in mobile templates fixed
  • Fix: Romanizing and improved normalizing for URLs
  • Fix: mail issue after assiging a medium to a channel fixed
  • Fix: mail issue after Transcoding Service conversion fixed
  • Fix: issue with modifying channel users in the backend fixed
  • Fix: CaptchaGD default values tightened


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