ViMP 3.0.7

ViMP 3.0.7 contains several bugfixes for ViMP 3.0.

 Read more about the new ViMP 3.0 here!
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Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • New: New default image for channels
  • Fix: Display of user media with special characters fixed
  • Fix: Link for displaying own media in mobile templates corrected
  • Fix: Managing media of channels, groups and albums revised
  • Fix: Problem with partly appearing blue play button in mobile templates fixed
  • Fix: Preview image of documents corrected
  • Fix: Bootstrap Formhelpers replaced
  • Fix: VOD: producer role is being created
  • Fix: VOD: Error with viewing media after portal subscription corrected
  • Fix: VOD: Potential playback issues fixed


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