ViMP 3.2

ViMP 3.2 is characterised by new functions and various minor and major improvements!

The most important improvements of ViMP 3.2 are:

  • Livestream module extensions
    Payment options for livestreams; audio livestream support.
  • Transcoding improvements
    Automated video and image rotation (helpful with mobile uploads); removal of MEncoder, usage of ffmpeg only.
  • Security improvements
    Additional media protection through media tokens; improved user password encryption.
  • API improvements (ViMP Enterprise, Enterprise Ultimate and Corporate)
    New and enhanced API methods.
  • New Video Editor Module (optional available for ViMP Corporate)
    Browser based video editing with ViMP.
  • Moodle and Ilias plugins (applicable with ViMP Corporate)
    Install our ViMP plugins into Moodle or Ilias in order to embed ViMP videos into your LMS.

... and many other improvements and bugfixes!
 Test the new functions in our Online Demo!

Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • New: Video Editor Extension (ViMP Corporate)
  • New: Media files removed from document root (improved access control)
  • New: Password encryption changed to SHA2 with salt
  • New: reworked Open Source Transcoding (MEncoder replaced by ffmpeg)
  • New: Media orientation considered during transcoding (auto-rotate)
  • New: Livestream module: Payment option for livestreams
  • New: Livestream module: Audio livestreams
  • New: Optional Cookie information
  • New: Cache can be emptied via the backend
  • New: Items can be duplicated in the backend
  • New: Facebook Connect module: Facebook only login (optional)
  • Fix: Numerous minor improvements and bugfixes


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