ViMP 3.5.0

ViMP 3.5 shows off with a completely reworked HTML5 video player!

The new player contains the following new functions:

  • HTML5 first
    By default ViMP now uses the HTML5 ViMP player, Flash is fallback.
  • Chapters
    Add chapters to your videos that are accessible by a click on the chapter preview image.
    ViMP Player Chapters
  • Seek preview
    See preview images by hovering the mouse over the seek bar.
    ViMP Player Seek Preview
  • Subtitles (not available in ViMP Community)
    Add multi-lingual subtitles to your videos by importing WebVTT subtitle files.
    ViMP Player Subtitles
  • Mobile video ads (Beta! Not available in ViMP Community)
    The new player also supports video ads on mobile devices now.
    ViMP Player Mobile Video Ads
  • Variable video speed
    Change the speed of the video via its context menu.
    ViMP Player Context Menu
  • Custom design
    Easily adapt the player design to your custom requirements.

Further features of ViMP 3.5

  • Media transfer extension for ViMP Corporate, allowing to synchronize multiple ViMP servers in cluster environments.
  • Minor improvements and big fixes.

 Test the new functions in our Online Demo!

Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • New: ViMP HTML5 Player
  • New: Media sync extension (ViMP Corporate)
  • New: Open Source Transcoding: Audio bitrate can be defined separately
  • New: Open Source Transcoding: Audio and video bitrate can be defined separately for desktop and mobile devices
  • Fix: LDAP groups are sorted alphabetically in the backend now (ViMP Corporate)
  • Fix: VOD: display of time period corrected
  • Fix: Issue with Google Maps and HTTPS connections fixed
  • Fix: Appearance of Facebook comments corrected
  • Fix: Batch Import: Import folder path corrected
  • Fix: Media delivery with disabled pseudo streaming fixed
  • Fix: Media of blocked users are no longer displayed in WebTV mode
  • Fix: Appearance of blog favorites of a user corrected
  • Fix: Several minor improvements and bugfixes


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