ViMP 3.5.5

ViMP 3.5.5 contains minor bugfixes and improvements.

 Read more about the new ViMP 3.5 here!
 Test the new template in our Online Demo!

Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • New: API: new method for setting user roles added
  • Fix: Issue with rating, likes and favorites fixed
  • Fix: API: issue with uploadMedium method fixed
  • Fix: LDAP: "Registration is disabled" message will not be displayed anymore
  • Fix: Roles default selection in the backend configuration reworked
  • Fix: Roles can be deleted permanently
  • Fix: VOD: issue with selection of payment provider fixed
  • Fix: VOD: single payment of media fixed
  • Fix: VOD: issue with editing subscriptions in the backend fixed
  • Fix: VOD: issue with the view of purchased media fixed
  • Fix: Streaming: streams will also be delivered with SSL
  • Fix: HTML5 player: issue with autoplay, embed, vast and mobile devices fixed
  • Fix: HTML5 player: view of recommended media fixed
  • Fix: HTML5 player: issue with audio streaming fixed


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