ViMP 3.6.10

ViMP 3.6.10 contains multiple improvements and bugfixes for ViMP 3.6.

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  • New: Changing username and e-mail address by the users can be prevented optionally
  • New: E-Mail address of a user can be displayed in his user profile optionally
  • New: Not yet verified users are blocked completely from login as of now
  • New: Transcoding string improved with regard to better compatibility with "exotic" formats
  • New: Search now also takes custom media fields into account
  • New: API search now also takes custom media fields into account [API]
  • New: Legal notice tool tip added to social media icons
  • New: Short timeout added to share overlay
  • New: Autoplay option of the player now separately configurable for desktop and mobile templates
  • New: Extended password options
  • Fix: Issue with optionally displaying the fullname instead of the username fixed
  • Fix: Issue with change password option with external authenticated users fixed (e.g. Facebook Connect, LDAP)
  • Fix: Spritemaps haven't been synced correctly with the transfer extension [ViMP Corporate]
  • Fix: Download option for YouTube and Vimeo videos removed from upload form
  • Fix: Video Editor issue with publishing videos with certain parameters fixed [ViMP Video Editor]
  • Fix: Backend user search performance improvements
  • Fix: Occasional error with media permissions in upload form fixed [ViMP Corporate]
  • Fix: Users didn't receive an e-mail after verification by an administrator
  • Fix: Error with the domain limitation at registration fixed
  • Fix: Custom media fields haven't been supported with API methods editMedium and uploadMedium [API]
  • Fix: Error with purging user roles that have been assigned to a LDAP group [ViMP Corporate]
  • Fix: Error with the download option for hidden media fixed
  • Fix: Form validation optimization with regard to blocked HTML and Script tags
  • Fix: E-Mail and Username fields of local users were blocked in the backend at mixed authentication mode [ViMP Corporate]
  • Fix: Issue with the calculation of number of group members fixed
  • Fix: The blogs tab appeared in the tag cloud results, even if blogs had been disabled
  • Fix: Links to friends and groups were visible, also if those functions had been disabled
  • Fix: Activities are no longer visible to others in the user profile, if disabled
  • Fix: Google Analytics code has been included twice into the embed code
  • Fix: Issue with responsive embed code fixed
  • Fix: Several minor API improvements


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