ViMP 3.6.12

ViMP 3.6.12 contains minor improvements and bugfixes for ViMP 3.6.

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Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • Fix: YouTube and Vimeo videos couldn't be edited, if individual media downloads had been enabled
  • Fix: 480p format changed from 544x480px to 640x480px
  • Fix: Default order of media formats adapted to ensure correct automatic quality switches
  • Fix: API method getPicture now returns thumbnails of restricted media correctly
  • Fix: API method config appeared twice in api description
  • Fix: Dimension specifications of channel and livestream images corrected
  • Fix: Issue with API method getMedium and restricted media fixed
  • Fix: Related media were always enabled within the embed player
  • Fix: Media with status "deleted" have still been accessible to the owner via the direct link in the frontend
  • Fix: Permalink removed from share box with hidden media
  • Fix: CSS of quality selector of the emebed player corrected


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