ViMP 3.6.6

ViMP 3.6.6 contains a number of fixes and minor improvements for ViMP 3.6

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Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • Fix: Uploaded images in the RTE didn't consider the protocol
  • Fix: Layout issue with LDAP groups in the backend of ViMP after update/reset fixed (ViMP Corporate)
  • Fix: Layout issue on the channels overview page fixed
  • Fix: Issue with the WebTV upload form fixed
  • Fix: Issue with time-controlled media release fixed (ViMP Corporate)
  • Fix: Issues with transcoding in certain cases fixed
  • Fix: Access to media only possible after verified registration, if closed media view is active
  • Fix: Issue with the dashboard fixed
  • Fix: Fullscreen button is back in mobile templates
  • Fix: Sorting of video qualities configurable again
  • Fix: Player keeps its height in responsive embeds
  • Fix: Bitrate of the original video will be kept, if the resolution is less than the default resolution
  • Fix: Categories of foreign languages only appeared after explicitly saving them
  • plus multiple other minor bug fixes and improvements


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