ViMP 3.6.8

ViMP 3.6.8 contains minor bugfixes and small improvements.

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Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • Fix: Error within groups settings fixed
  • Fix: Issue with HTML upload fallback in Classic template fixed
  • Fix: Blog favorites were displayed in the user profile, even if the blog was disabled
  • Fix: Notifications were sent to subscribers of all channels, if a medium had been added to a channel via the backend
  • Fix: Transcoding issue fixed that occurred with some installations
  • Fix: Option to add a medium to a channel didn't appear in the upload form any more
  • Fix: Media permissions have been placed more prominent in the upload form
  • Fix: Issue with logo upload in the backend configuration fixed
  • Fix: Issue with purging media in combination with VoD fixed


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