ViMP 4.0.0

ViMP 4.0.0 is the new major release with a ton of new features and improvements. Upgrade now!

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Important notes:


Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • New: New product portfolio
  • New: ATLANTIC template (all editions except of ViMP Light)
  • New: Template PACIFIC TOP included into template PACIFIC
  • New: HLS support for desktop browsers
  • New: Optional transcoding priorities
  • New: API method purgeUser
  • New: Notification of group members when a new medium has been added to a group
  • New: Private groups are not displayed to non-group-members in the group overview any more
  • New: Matomo/Piwik Media Analytics support
  • New: Optional password change request after x days
  • New: Extended password requirements
  • New: Session settings of the backend are saved at logout
  • New: HTML5 player: automatic switch also to higher qualities
  • New: Media versioning
  • New: Media replacement
  • New: Media copies
  • New: Definable default sorting for media lists
  • New: Audio transcoding to AAC
  • New: YouTube export
  • New: Media ratings can be modified retroactively
  • New: health.php controller for monitoring requests
  • New: iTunes U RSS deed (ViMP Corporate Campus)
  • New: Unlimited number of sub-categories
  • New: Login overlay can be disabled optionally
  • New: HTML5 player: optional keyboard control
  • New: Alternative media delivery for increased performance at high traffic
  • New: Notification of channel subscribers can be configured optional
  • New: Custom fields can be hidden
  • New: Editing of username and e-mail can be disabled
  • New: E-mail can be hidden in user profile
  • New: Activity stream can be restricted to be visible only at a user's own user profile page
  • New: Custom thumbnail can be added right at the upload
  • New: Livestream support in search
  • New: LDAP groups are sorted alphabetically
  • New: Several API extensions
  • New: PHP7 compatibility
  • New: Meta tags for Twitter shares
  • New: Media can be marked as "features" right at the upload
  • New: Custom media and user fields with type "hyperlink" and "checkbox"
  • New: API method mediaimport
  • Fix: Occasional error with media permission settings fixed
  • Fix: Issue with purging of user roles and assigned LDAP groups fixed
  • Fix: API: Error response status is 200 now instead of 404
  • Fix: Occasional error with publishing media with the video editor fixed
  • Fix: Several smaller performance improvements
  • Fix: Reworked transcoding task
  • Fix: Backend search performance improved
  • Fix: Error with displaying number of group members fixed
  • Fix: Activities have still been visible in the user profile, even if disabled
  • Fix: Change Password tab was still visible in the user profile, even if the user had no permission to change his password
  • Fix: HTML5 player: Keyboard control interfered with input fields
  • Fix: YouTube and Vimeo videos didn't count as channel media
  • Fix: Video sitemap didn't include YouTube videos
  • Fix: Issue with responsive audio player embed fixed
  • as well as many many minor improvements, bug fixes and optimizations


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