ViMP 4.0.4

ViMP 4.0.4 includes new functions, improvements and bugfixes for ViMP 4.0!

Please note the necessary changes to the Wrench settings, if you use a streaming server with URL signing (ViMP Corporate)!

Please read our GDPR FAQ for information about the new regulations and technical measures that have been implemented into ViMP 4.0.

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Important notes:


Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • New: Maintenance mode
  • New: Frontend search can be disabled
  • New: Channel administrators and moderators are now always notified of new subscribers
  • New: Video Editor V3 support
  • New: Syslog export
  • New: Media Import extended by upload_date field
  • New: Length of URLs of AJAX requests shortened
  • New: Login-forwarding optimized
  • New: Album extensions (favour albums, search for albums, search for titles when adding media)
  • New: health.php now also checks the database connection
  • New: Transcoding option for enabling deinterlacing
  • New: Restriction option for favorites visibility on the profile pages
  • New: Subtitle file paths added to API method getMedium
  • Fix: Error in the backend search for media and users in connection with user-defined fields fixed
  • Fix: Profile picture and cover picture of the user page can be deleted again
  • Fix: Several HLS and URL signing improvements
  • Fix: Media with media permissions no longer appear in the activity stream for everyone
  • Fix: API method getMedium now contains the streaming URL when streaming is enabled
  • Fix: Error with HLS playback in Atlantic template fixed
  • Fix: Display error of horizontal navigation in Pacific template corrected
  • Fix: Error with audio playback via HLS fixed
  • Fix: Miscellaneous security vulnerabilities fixed
  • Fix: Possible issue with the index size when installing under MariaDB fixed
  • Fix: Display error of the cookie bar in the mobile templates fixed
  • Fix: Display errors of the player in the mobile templates, in the Atlantic template and in the backend fixed
  • Fix: Search error in mobile templates fixed
  • Fix: Error with following a channel fixed
  • Fix: Language-dependent error when saving livestreams and channels in the backend fixed
  • Fix: Problem with player buttons in IE fixed
  • Fix: Issue with buying livestreams on mobile devices fixed
  • Fix: Text corrections for system messages
  • Fix: Loading animation in livestream player restored
  • Fix: Unnecessary year dates removed from the footer
  • Fix: Chapter marks didn't appear within the embed player
  • Fix: Issue with searching for creation or update dates fixed
  • Fix: Error in the visibility check of the API search fixed
  • Fix: API method uploadMedium takes the upload limit into account
  • Fix: Display of remaining time of video purchases optimized
  • Fix: Passwords are filtered in the system log
  • Fix: YouTube and Vimeo icons added to channel media statistics
  • Fix: Error when calling the overaching questionnaire of an e-learning learning course fixed
  • and other smaller optimizations


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