ViMP 4.0.6

ViMP 4.0.6 includes serveral bugfixes for ViMP 4.0!

Please note the necessary changes to the Wrench settings as of ViMP 4.0.4, if you use a streaming server with URL signing (ViMP Corporate)!

Please read our GDPR FAQ for information about the new regulations and technical measures that have been implemented into ViMP 4.0.

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Important notes:


Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • Fix: Problem solved with media playback in channel context in connection with alternate media delivery
  • Fix: Commission calculation for producers excludes free media now
  • Fix: API: Problem solved with media permissions in extendedSearch
  • Fix: API: All quality levels are now returned if streaming is enabled
  • Fix: API: Prices for media are now included in the response of getMedium and getMedia
  • Fix: API: Prices for channels are now included in the response of getChannel and getChannels
  • Fix: Audio transcoding didn't consider the selected AAC codec
  • Fix: Problem with Transcoding Service Callback fixed
  • Fix: Streaming problem with installations in subdirectory fixed
  • Fix: Layout error in Pacific template on iPad fixed
  • Fix: Group members have not received any notification after activation
  • and several minor improvements


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