ViMP 4.0.7

ViMP 4.0.7 includes new improvements and bugfixes for ViMP 4.0!

Please note the necessary changes to the Wrench settings as of ViMP 4.0.4, if you use a streaming server with URL signing (ViMP Corporate)!

Please read our GDPR FAQ for information about the new regulations and technical measures that have been implemented into ViMP 4.0.

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Important notes:


Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • New: URL signing now also works with external players
  • New: Forgot password function completely rewritten
  • Fix: Quality switch didn't work with alternative medium delivery enabled
  • Fix: Hidden media couldn't be accessed with alternative medium delivery enabled
  • Fix: Issue with url signed audio files fixed
  • Fix: E-Learning media didn't play with streaming enabled
  • Fix: API method getMedium didn't provide medium url with alternative medium delivery enabled
  • Fix: When copying hidden media, the individual URL hash was copied as well
  • Fix: Audio codec configuration didn't apply to Video Editor V3
  • Fix: Issue with VoD preview generation and Video Editor V3 fixed
  • Fix: Title didn't show up in Video Editor V3 review sometimes
  • Fix: Chapter marks were not visible on hidden videos
  • Fix: Thumbnails were missing in search results after page change
  • Fix: Minor layout correction
  • Fix: Allowed e-mail addresses are no longer checked case-sensitively
  • Fix: Line break optimized for long forum comments
  • Fix: Possible bug with the startpage livestream player fixed
  • Fix: Error when creating a group forum topic fixed
  • Fix: Small corrections to the player scaling
  • Fix: Group configuration no longer available if no group module is installed
  • Fix: Bug in text truncate function fixed
  • Fix: Error with specifying www domains and URL signing fixed
  • Fix: URL-signed media did not play in the backend
  • Fix: Batch actions for managing custom user and custom media fields restored
  • Fix: Search returned an error when a custom checkbox field was defined as a mandatory field
  • Fix: Problem with media import and XML fixed
  • Fix: Problem with displaying channel search results fixed
  • Fix: Invalid URL requests now correctly return error 404 to the browser instead of error 500
  • Fix: Channel and Album media browser buttons disabled when focus is at first or last position
  • Fix: The suggested language when creating new groups is now the currently used language
  • Fix: Parallel transcoding is automatically disabled when using the ViMP Transcoding Service (because then it's not required)
  • Fix: Problems with switching to another video quality in connection with streaming fixed
  • and several minor improvements


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