ViMP 4.1.0

ViMP 4.1.0 is our brand new major release with exciting new features and improvements. Upgrade now!

 Learn more about the new features in our ViMP 4.1 blog post and in our article about the technical news of ViMP 4.1.
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Important notes:


Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • New: Videos can be resumed at the same location when returning after a page change within the same session
  • New: New API method for adding and removing media in channels
  • New: Language for not logged in users is selected based on browser language
  • New: ABR streaming via HLS
  • New: VAST video ads can be switched off for paid videos
  • New: Channels of a medium are listed in API method getMedium
  • New: MySQL 5.7 compatibility improvements
  • New: PHP 7.2 compatibility improvements
  • New: mycrpt function replaced
  • New: Comprehensive performance optimizations
  • New: Active menu items and filters remain clickable
  • New: Embedplayer is optionally loaded only after a click
  • New: API method loginUser extended with a token (allows login of user without password)
  • New: File extension attached to download URL
  • New: Updater now optionally checks whether the version to be updated corresponds to the installed version
  • New: Transcoding progress is now displayed in frontend
  • New: Garbage collection for URL signing tokens
  • New: Garbage collection for web cache Directory
  • New: Hidden media are specially marked in the overviews for the owner
  • New: User-defined fields of type hyperlink can now also be opened in a new window
  • New: Livestream API methods now include weighting in their response
  • New: Channel API methods now include weighting in their response
  • New: YouTube and Vimeo URLs are returned in connection with URL signing in the API method getMedium
  • New: Content-Range header added to download links
  • Fix: HTML filter now also allows individual HTML tags with hyphens
  • Fix: API method getMedium threw error when media permission plugin didn't exist
  • Fix: Thumbnails of hidden media no longer appear as album covers
  • Fix: Atlantic template was mixed-up when Pacific Accessibility skin was selected before
  • Fix: Media import no longer works with UserID as username to support usernames consisting only of numbers
  • Fix: Issue fixed when clicking the newsletter setting by an administrator in a foreign user profile
  • Fix: Various layout optimizations
  • Fix: Error in API method extendedSearch fixed when restricting search range to "user"
  • Fix: Error in backend search within certain overviews fixed
  • Fix: Base directory in the configuration now provides the absolute path
  • Fix: clean-userdata task no longer deletes custom thumbnails
  • Fix: Fullscreen issue with IE11 and Safari fixed
  • Fix: Problem with defining multiple registration whitelist domains fixed
  • Fix: Unwanted line breaks in e-mail templates removed
  • Fix: Channel URLs now also work with non-URL-compliant characters
  • Fix: Possible issue with purging users fixed
  • and several minor improvements


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