ViMP 4.1.1

ViMP 4.1.1 contains several bugfixes and improvements for ViMP 4.1.

 Learn more about the new features in our ViMP 4.1 blog post and in our article about the technical news of ViMP 4.1.
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Important notes:


Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • New: SMIL files are included in API response of getMedium when ABR is active
  • New: Checkboxes instead of multiselectboxes for user role selection in the backend
  • New: Video embed also supports hash instead of key
  • Fix: Layout adjustments in mobile template
  • Fix: Error with purging users with media and chapters fixed
  • Fix: Issue with Facebook Connect fixed
  • Fix: Issue with media import fixed ("Can't find related user")
  • Fix: API descriptions completed
  • Fix: Neutral flag for the Arabic language selector
  • Fix: Optimized positioning of subtitles
  • Fix: Various small layout adjustments
  • Fix: Encryption of sensitive database fields
  • Fix: Issue with livestream embed code fixed
  • Fix: Issue with sorting options of API methods fixed
  • Fix: Solved problem with uploading ZIP files and custom container fields
  • Fix: Filters in backend are now saved when changing pages
  • Fix: Adjustments according to the autoplay guidelines of the browser vendors
  • Fix: More MySQL 5.7 customizations in e-learning extension
  • Fix: Issue with mandatory fields in API method editMedia fixed
  • Fix: Issue with allowed upload formats in e-learning extension fixed
  • Fix: Optimization to avoid unsafe cookie handling
  • and several minor improvements


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