ViMP 4.1.4

ViMP 4.1.4 contains smaller improvements and bugfixes for ViMP 4.1.

 Learn more about the new features in our ViMP 4.1 blog post and in our article about the technical news of ViMP 4.1.

Important notes:


Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • New: Updated webcam recording component
  • New: Name of the upload button changed to "Publish"
  • New: Development controllers can now be enabled/disabled via a configuration setting
  • New: Language switch in mobile templates added
  • New: Newsletter module can be disabled in the configuration
  • New: OpenID Login disabled by default
  • Fix: Issue with embed player controls on mobile devices fixed
  • Fix: Issue with saving certain custom media fields fixed
  • Fix: Role permissions "upload*" were not considered by API method uploadMedium
  • Fix: Isolated issue with calculating license key end date solved
  • Fix: Isolated issue when displaying channels solved
  • Fix: Issue with Vimeo Embed fixed
  • Fix: Issue with setting "Sort by uploaded" fixed
  • Fix: Error downloading album media fixed
  • Fix: Occasional player scaling issue during loading the player fixed
  • Fix: Error message added when media permissions are missing in API method uploadMedium
  • Fix: Issue with media sorting by "uploaded" fixed
  • Fix: Changes to mailtemplates were overwritten when re-importing languages during an update
  • Fix: Problem in API method deleteUser fixed, if no user ID was specified
  • Fix: Error with fallback to default language fixed
  • Fix: Occasional autoplay problem with embedplayer fixed
  • Fix: Spaces were partially removed from the mail templates
  • Fix: Login overlay no longer loses focus
  • Fix: Error with embedding livestreams on mobile devices fixed
  • Fix: .zip file extension was displayed twice in the list of available formats
  • Fix: Various minor layout adjustments


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