ViMP 4.2.0

ViMP 4.2.0 is our brand new major release with exciting new features and improvements. Upgrade now!

Important notes:


Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • New: Thumbnail selection during upload
  • New: Auto-suggest for tags in upload form
  • New: Browse buttons on the media pages
  • New: 360 degree video support
  • New: User profile pic editor
  • New: Timestamps in media descriptions are linked to the according video timestamp
  • New: Extended download functionality for additional media formats
  • New: Add attachments to a medium
  • New: Visualization of password strength
  • New: Force users to change their password at first login
  • New: ViMP access optionally only possible after login
  • New: Updated standard media formats (default: 720p; additional: 1080p, 480p, 360p)
  • New: Breadcrumbs can be added to the frontend optionally
  • New: Uploads can be removed file by file before submitting the form
  • New: Mark all messages as read with one click
  • New: Search function in all "add media" overlays
  • New: Tags are linked in the search with OR instead of AND
  • New: Define how uploaded ZIP files are handled
  • New: PayPalPlus support
  • New: YouTube/Vimeo import now also possible from mobile devices
  • New: Private media are no longer visible to channel and group members (use hidden media instead)
  • New: Extensive backend design improvements
  • New: ViMP release news directly in the ViMP backend
  • New: Album management in the backend
  • New: Backend breadcrumbs
  • New: CSV user import
  • New: Media export
  • New: User comments can be edited via the backend
  • New: Define a maximum timeframe for syslog entries
  • New: Configurable time span for sending license limit e-mails
  • New: Load-on-click as configurable default setting for the embed player
  • New: Role permission "use advanced search" regulates access authorization to advanced search
  • New: API methods for adding and removing subtitles
  • New: API methods for querying user-defined media and user fields
  • New: Tags are included into livestream API method output
  • New: Task for checking and setting the license key via command line
  • New: PHP 7.3 Compatibility
  • Fix: Channel media can be removed again in the backend
  • Fix: Quality level selector now disappears after format change
  • Fix: Various minor layout adjustments in the frontend and backend


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