ViMP 4.2.12

ViMP 4.2.12 fixes a number of bugs and contains small improvements. Update now!

Important notes:

  • Find an overview of the new features of ViMP 4.2 in our blog post.
  • Also read our technical notes containing important information of the 4.2 upgrade.


Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • New: ZIP format added by default to allowed document formats
  • New: The maintenance page now redirects to the start page, if the maintenance mode has been deactivated
  • New: Time format in player extended (hh:mm:ss)
  • New: Installer/Updater now also checks for maximum supported PHP version
  • New: Update of the Vimeo import due to Vimeo API changes
  • Fix: Problem creating chapter marks fixed
  • Fix: Possible problems when transcoding m4a audio files fixed
  • Fix: Poster image was compressed for a short moment when starting a video
  • Fix: Big play button on screen did not disappear in Firefox with autoplay enabled
  • Fix: When switching the number of maximum result elements in the category backend, the list was loaded infinitely
  • Fix: Problem with media sharing in the frontend for media with chapter marks fixed
  • Fix: Video Editor v3: Problems with review creation fixed
  • Fix: E-Learning: Error handling during transcoding revised
  • Fix: E-Learning: Upload form can no longer be submitted as long as the video is not completely uploaded
  • Fix: E-Learning: Problem related to question catalogs when creating new learning courses fixed
  • Fix: E-Learning: Error when creating new question catalogs fixed
  • Fix: Subtitle button and quality selector in player were not accessible via keyboard control
  • Fix: Problem with purging users with incorrect logins fixed
  • Fix: Problem with counting media comments fixed
  • Fix: Problem with switching back from the theater mode fixed
  • Fix: Problem with setting the framework cookie with older PHP versions fixed
  • Fix: Error in the query of the extendedSearch API method fixed
  • Fix: Login via the login overlay led again to the login form
  • and some other minor improvements


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