ViMP 4.2.5

ViMP 4.2.5 contains interesting new features as well as several bugfixes for ViMP 4.2. Update now!

Important notes:

  • Find an overview of the new features of ViMP 4.2 in our blog post.
  • Also read our technical notes containing important information of the 4.2 upgrade.


Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • New: HLS without streamingserver (Native HLS)
  • New: Audio normalization
  • New: Login for LDAP user groups without ViMP role assignment
  • New: LDAP name matching fallback removed
  • New: Image editor for profile cover pic
  • New: Image editor for channel cover pic
  • New: Image editor for livestream cover pic
  • New: Image editor for group cover pic
  • New: Limit subtitle languages to available languages
  • New: 3rd category level in category navigation
  • New: Google+ share option removed
  • Fix: Thumbnail creation for thumbnail selection took very long
  • Fix: Default thumbnail wasn't created with thumbnail selection disabled
  • Fix: Issue with HLS video playback on Smartphones solved
  • Fix: Quality selector didn't work in IE11 and Edge with streamed videos
  • Fix: Speed selection removed from livstream player
  • Fix: Firefox needed 2 clicks to play an embedded video
  • Fix: Direct link still opened for media with status deleted
  • Fix: Private livestreams could be embedded
  • Fix: Uploads didn't work with IE11 anymore
  • Fix: Groups with a status other than deleted could be purged immedently with batch action
  • Fix: Batch action for purging Media Formats in the backend was missing
  • Fix: Error with changing languages of a channel in the backend fixed
  • Fix: Misfunction of the Reset button in the backend fixed
  • Fix: Target "New Window" for menu items didn't work anymore
  • Fix: Issue with 360 degree videos and WebTV solved
  • Fix: All symonfy tasks now support --debug option
  • Fix: Issue with player control bar and chapters in the mobile templates fixed
  • Fix: Issue with media release dates and e-learning course dates fixed
  • Fix: Paging issue in the backend fixed
  • and several minor improvements


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