ViMP 4.2.7

ViMP 4.2.7 fixes several bugs in ViMP 4.2 and includes further improvements. Update now!

Important notes:

  • Find an overview of the new features of ViMP 4.2 in our blog post.
  • Also read our technical notes containing important information of the 4.2 upgrade.


Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • New: Disable VAST for VoD (paid) videos
  • New: Footer added to login page when login is required to access ViMP at all
  • New: TIFF support for images
  • New: Time is displayed in addition to the date in the payment overviews in the admin panel
  • New: Role permission for access to the video editor (access video editor)
  • Fix: Auto-suggest component for adding e-learning participants fixed
  • Fix: Issues with multiple video embeds fixed
  • Fix: Issue with Matomo and video embeds fixed
  • Fix: Issues with video embeds on iOS, macOS and Edge fixed
  • Fix: ReCaptcha overlapped checkbox in registration/login form
  • Fix: Error with adding a start or end date for media publication fixed
  • Fix: Error with converting a Facebook Connect user to regular user fixed
  • Fix: E-mail notification for new channel subscriptions had been sent to administrators of other channels, too
  • Fix: Calculation error of producer shares for videos with costs fixed
  • Fix: Error with editing e-learning courses in the admin panel fixed
  • Fix: Problem with time-controlled publishing for hidden media fixed
  • Fix: Media of deleted users were still accessible via a direct link in the frontend
  • Fix: Source link in API method getMedium changed to source download link
  • Fix: Credit purchase was not possible in the mobile template
  • Fix: Issue with the pagination of the e-learning courses fixed
  • Fix: Issue with password forgotten function and activated pre-login fixed
  • Fix: Issue with the PayPalPlus webhook fixed
  • Fix: E-Learning symlinks were not created correctly
  • Fix: Issue with playing URL-signed videos on iOS devices fixed
  • Fix: Conversion of Facebook Connect users to local users caused an error
  • Fix: Issue with flickering video playback of embedded videos on macOS fixed
  • Fix: Issue with format transfer for alternative media delivery via getMedia fixed
  • Fix: Hidden links work again with activated pre-login
  • Fix: Isuue with the group overview fixed
  • Fix: Issue with lost database connection during parallel transcoding fixed
  • Fix: Problem with forced verification of Facebook Connect users fixed
  • Fix: Issue with YouTube export fixed
  • Fix: Issue with hidden link in group context fixed
  • Fix: Issue with agreement to terms of use and privacy notices for external users fixed
  • Fix: Issue with the LDAP-objectClass groupOfNames fixed
  • as well as minor layout corrections and improvements


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