ViMP 4.2.8

ViMP 4.2.8 contains important bugfixes for ViMP 4.2 - update now!

Important notes:

  • Find an overview of the new features of ViMP 4.2 in our blog post.
  • Also read our technical notes containing important information of the 4.2 upgrade.


Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • New: Download links can optionally be provided to the owner of a video in the share overlay
  • New: Uploaded media can already be edited before transcoding
  • New: The first thumbnail of the thumbnail selection always shows the first frame of the video
  • New: The maximum time for creating the thumbnail selection can be limited
  • New: The .ts files required for native HLS are now also displayed in the media management file list in the backend
  • New: Setting option whether users may set the same password again
  • New: User accounts are automatically locked after x failed login attempts
  • New: The number of entries per list in the backend overviews can be preconfigured
  • New: Extension of the media RSS feed by the current MediaRSS requirements
  • New: Server-side compression of the already compressed jpg, png and gif files removed during transmission
  • Fix: Issues with database connection aborts during transcoding fixed
  • Fix: Issues with aborts of parallel transcoding in case of transcoding errors fixed
  • Fix: Verification settings and domain restrictions now also work for LDAP users
  • Fix: The sameSite cookie attribute is now set correctly
  • Fix: Correction of the country list
  • Fix: YouTube export authentication issues fixed
  • Fix: Users can edit their own media even if they are actually excluded due to the media permissions
  • Fix: When recommending hidden videos the permanent link was sent instead of the hidden link
  • Fix: Problem with unintentional autostart of embed player fixed
  • Fix: The backend player was not displayed when streaming was disabled
  • Fix: The spritemap was not created during transcoding
  • Fix: Problem when playing videos via streaming server within a group filter fixed
  • Fix: Problem with password change in mobile template fixed
  • Fix: Problem with WebCam recording on fastCGI servers fixed
  • Fix: The volume of videos decreased slightly each time the video page was reloaded
  • Fix: Error while running the group filter "Most Media" and "Most Users" fixed
  • Fix: Problems sending notifications for new channel subscribers fixed
  • Fix: Private groups were always invisible in the overview, regardless of the setting
  • Fix: Time-controlled media were also listed in the album's recommended media list before their release date
  • Fix: Visibility issue of media to be verified fixed
  • Fix: Payment preview overlay was shown on free videos in certain cases
  • Fix: Channel moderators received double notifications for new channel subscribers
  • Fix: Problem with endless search for channel users in backend fixed
  • Fix: Verified users didn't get a confirmation email after their activation
  • Fix: Multiple security fixes
  • Fix: Own media can always be edited now, regardless of the media permission settings
  • Fix: Tags are considered again in the algorithm of the recommended media
  • Fix: Batch actions work again for forum threads in the backend
  • Fix: Problem with incorrect timestamps for new forum posts fixed
  • Fix: Added confirmation alert for deleting blog posts via batch action in the backend
  • Fix: Deleted e-learning videos couldn't be restored
  • Fix: Problem with API method setNewUserPassword fixed
  • Fix: Problem with displaying order of authentication providers in the backend fixed
  • Fix: Performance improvements for media views
  • as well as minor layout corrections and improvements


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