ViMP 4.2.9

ViMP 4.2.9 fixes some minor bugs in ViMP 4.2 - update now!

Important notes:

  • Find an overview of the new features of ViMP 4.2 in our blog post.
  • Also read our technical notes containing important information of the 4.2 upgrade.


Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • Fix: Webcam recording now considers the upload limit
  • Fix: Webcam recording issue with FastCGI fixed
  • Fix: Sharper preview images
  • Fix: API method config can only be retrieved with admin token
  • Fix: Image paths adjusted for installation into a subdirectory
  • Fix: User avatars are displayed in the frontend again
  • Fix: All upload configuration parameters are now combined under Configuration -> Media -> Upload
  • Fix: Issue with changing the password fixed
  • Fix: Minor design corrections
  • Fix: Visibility selection for albums now considers deactivated friends function


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