ViMP 4.3.0

ViMP 4.3 is here! Look forward to numerous new features in this version. Upgrade now!

Important notes:


Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • New: Password protection for individual media
  • New: Video.js Player integration
  • New: Possibility to revoke the agreement to terms and conditions and privacy policy from operator side
  • New: SAML 2.0 authentication
  • New: User roles are displayed directly in the user overview of the backend
  • New: Role permissions for individual backend areas
  • New: QR code for media URLs
  • New: Client extension of main sections
  • New: Improved cookie consent
  • New: nDVR support for livestreaming
  • New: NGINX support
  • New: PHP 7.4 compatibility (PHP 5.6 support has been dropped with this version)
  • New: Channels can be created via the frontend
  • New: Zip format added to default document formats
  • New: API method getPicture can alternatively be called without framework initialization
  • New: VAST Video Ads can be activated/deactivated for administrators for paid content
  • New: Language selection can be defined individually
  • New: Revised presets including new accessibility preset
  • New: Improved function to visualize the transcoding progress
  • New: Callback after successful media transcoding
  • New: Date picker unification in the backend
  • New: System message in the backend when maintenance mode is activated
  • New: Users of the admin role don't have to verify their own media anymore, if they belong to the approval role
  • New: Threshold value of the license limit warning is now configurable
  • Fix: Minor design corrections within the accessibility skin
  • Fix: Issues with WebTV mode and enabled streaming fixed
  • Fix: Issue with creating chapter marks with timestamp selection when native HLS is enabled fixed
  • Fix: Issue with conversion of images with rotation detection enabled
  • as well as numerous smaller improvements and optimizations


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