ViMP 4.3.1

ViMP 4.3.1 contains several improvements and bug fixes for ViMP 4.3. Update now!

Important notes:


Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • New: Column "last access" in the user administration
  • New: Table support in rich text editors
  • Improvement: Pagination for album media management can be enabled/disabled optionally
  • Improvement: Current page is kept when changing the language
  • Improvement: Number of subcategories is displayed in the category management
  • Improvement: Second button "Agree all" in cookie consent banner
  • Improvement: Revoke cookie consent displays the cookie consent banner again
  • Improvement: Performance optimization of the API method "getPicture"
  • Improvement: API response to getMedium now contains parameter, if the download of the file is allowed (download_allowed)
  • Improvement: Minor language optimizations
  • Fix: Certain log entries were erroneously marked as "Error" instead of "Info
  • Fix: Channels that are no longer followed still appeared under "My Media"
  • Fix: Breadcrumb of subcategories was incomplete
  • Fix: Category names are now preset in the default language
  • Fix: MP3 audios were not played with Video.js
  • Fix: Display error of the license for license keys without end date fixed
  • Fix: LDAP users were not automatically created in ViMP via the API method loginUser
  • Fix: Error when reloading livestream comments fixed
  • Fix: JS error messages in WebTV fixed
  • Fix: Design correction of the share box for live streams
  • Fix: Layout correction of the report overlay in theater mode
  • Fix: Forwarding problems related to LDAP accounts and expired passwords fixed
  • Fix: Error when deleting private messages fixed
  • Fix: Display error of the message overview fixed
  • Fix: Media view count error in connection with the Video.js player fixed
  • Fix: Error in media view count in connection with a value greater than 0 in the setting "Seconds to new visit (media)" fixed
  • Fix: Livestream comments could not be edited or deleted in the backend
  • Fix: Error when logging in via LDAP with password containing a backslash fixed
  • Fix: Error when deleting media comments via the batch function fixed
  • Fix: Reloading the media list within a channel caused an error under certain conditions
  • Fix: When clicking on a timestamp in the media description, the whole page was reloaded when using the Video.js player before jumping to the corresponding timestamp in the seek bar
  • Fix: Uploading media with a file name extension in capital letters caused an error with learning course media
  • Fix: Problems when playing videos in native HLS format on iOS devices fixed
  • Fix: Fixed an error when editing large file size video records with media versioning enabled
  • Fix: Problems editing the channel cover image with certain ViMP roles fixed
  • Fix: Irregularities of the reported media count in different channel views fixed


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