ViMP 4.3.2

ViMP 4.3.2 contains a number of improvements and bug fixes for ViMP 4.3. Update now!

Important notes:


Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • Improvement: Groups/role mapping is executed with new API LDAP user registrations
  • Improvement: Check for existing subtitles of the respective language when uploading new subtitles
  • Improvement: CSS class "active" for category submenu items
  • Improvement: Improved notice for deleted embedded videos
  • Improvement: Upload filesize warning in the installer check removed for PHP versions >=7.0
  • Improvement: Add file size to media files list
  • Fix: Upload error when entering a time-controlled media publication date fixed
  • Fix: Installer always executed chown/chgrp for www-data and didn't consider the entered user and group
  • Fix: Media count and media displayed in Channels, Groups and Albums didn't always match
  • Fix: API error with method loginUser and incorrect passwords fixed
  • Fix: CSS ID added to submenu items
  • Fix: Error with restoring media version fixed
  • Fix: File name extension of download links corrected
  • Fix: Media files list in backend now correctly indicates existance of ts files
  • Fix: Items per page are synchronized now in the backend lists
  • Fix: Livestream on startpage always used the ViMP Player, even if Video.js was configured
  • Fix: Display error of the livestream on the startpage in mobile template fixed
  • Fix: Cover images of livestreams were not displayed on mobile templates
  • Fix: Issue with HLS streaming on Chromium browsers fixed
  • Fix: Position of prev and next buttons on album media pages fixed
  • Fix: Media links of the share overlay did not play in Chrome
  • Fix: Issue with forgot password function fixed
  • Fix: Issue with VoD media that are assigend to a deleted channel fixed
  • Fix: Problem with uploading group cover images fixed
  • Fix: Conversion notice couldn't be inserted into the database sometimes
  • Fix: Open Graph and Twitter meta tags correction
  • Fix: Token issue with hidden embedded videos fixed
  • Fix: Wrong redirect after unfollowing a channel with ViMP installation in subfolder fixed
  • Fix: Issue with playing restricted media with getMedium fixed
  • Fix: Display issue with backend statistics after selecting a custom timeframe fixed
  • Fix: Issue with extracting document pages in Video Editor V3 fixed (presentation mode)


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