ViMP 4.3.3

ViMP 4.3.2 contains more improvements and bug fixes for ViMP 4.3. Update now!

Important notes:


Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • New: Task for querying the ViMP version via the console
  • Improvement: Same password configuration setting now also applies to "forgot password" function
  • Improvement: Video.js keyboard control improvements
  • Improvement: Usability improvement with roles and permissions options in the backend
  • Improvement: OK button removed at backend language selector
  • Improvement: Image resizing improvements
  • Improvement: Fullscreen background color of Video.js player changed to black
  • Improvement: Hide permalink in share box when medium is accessed via direct link
  • Improvement: Embed adaptions for Moodle plugin
  • Fix: Hidden embedded videos did not play with getMedium
  • Fix: Issue with role permission check for getMedium fixed
  • Fix: Error with purging media formats fixed
  • Fix: Unnecessary space under the player in mobile template removed
  • Fix: Display issue with more than six chapters fixed
  • Fix: Video.js embed player started muted with "load after click" option
  • Fix: ViMP updater adaptions for MySQL 8
  • Fix: API method uploadMedium didn't detect mp4 videos properly
  • Fix: Workflow comments may have been visible to anonymous users
  • Fix: Issue with playing embedded hidden videos with Video.js via HLS over streaming server fixed


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