ViMP 4.3.4

ViMP 4.3.4 contains several improvements and bug fixes for ViMP 4.3. Update now!

Important notes:


Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • New: Payment credits can be added during user import
  • New: Search field on user page in the frontend
  • Improvement: Background color in fullscreen mode of Video.js player changed to black
  • Improvement: Obsolete membership setting for private groups hidden
  • Improvement: Clearer naming of encryption methods in email settings in configuration
  • Improvement: Approval user (roles) can now review non-public media in the frontend
  • Improvement: Consolidation of obsolete role permissions
  • Fix: E-learning video playback bug fixed
  • Fix: Bug with search autocomplete suggestions on MySQL 8 fixed
  • Fix: Target window of submenu items was ignored
  • Fix: Submenu items could not be purged
  • Fix: Error in navigation in WebTV of Atlantic template fixed
  • Fix: Error after playing video ads in Video.js player fixed
  • Fix: Video.js always started muted when autoplay is enabled
  • Fix: Bug when searching for user roles in user import configuration fixed
  • Fix: Hidden media could not be accessed in albums
  • Fix: Incorrect aspect ratio in ViMP livestream player fixed
  • Fix: Password protected media could be accessed in albums, groups and channels
  • Fix: Error when calling the video editor fixed
  • Fix: Error when purging users with active VoD plugin fixed
  • Fix: Error on user page in mobile template fixed
  • Fix: Audio bitrate for .ts HLS chunks corrected
  • Fix: ViMP news retrieval in backend dahsboard now considers proxy settings
  • Fix: Problem with HLS playback in Video Editor fixed
  • Fix: Problem with playing audio files on mobile devices fixed
  • Fix: Display problem of recommended media on very small screens fixed
  • Fix: Time display bug in ViMP Player for very long videos fixed
  • Fix: clean-userdata task mistakenly deleted the thumbnail selections
  • Fix: Error with custom media fields of type "Date Time" fixed
  • Fix: Error when specifying specific categories in advanced search fixed
  • Fix: Error with "current date" default for custom media fields of "Date Time" type fixed


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