ViMP 4.4.1

ViMP 4.4.1 contains some improvements and bug fixes for ViMP 4.4. Update now!

Important notes:


Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • New: API methods for chapter marks management
  • Improvement: Matomo tracking now works without page reload after cookie consent confirmation
  • Improvement: Channel roles removed from user role selections
  • Improvement: Media to be verified now also appear in albums, channels and groups for users with verification permissions
  • Improvement: Timestamp in logfiles supplemented by year
  • Improvement: Configuration descriptions added
  • Improvement: SAML role mapping attribute now supports attribute name eduPersonAffiliation in addition to OID
  • Fix: Scaling problem in Video.js embedplayer fixed
  • Fix: Volume of Video.js player is now preserved
  • Fix: Fixed bug with clean-mediafiles task when payment plugin is missing
  • Fix: Fixed issue with playing 360 degree videos with Video.js in mobile template
  • Fix: Fixed problem with thumbnails in webchannels
  • Fix: Wrong aspect ratio in fullscreen mode of ViMP player fixed
  • Fix: Fixed bug when editing media in backend with comment function disabled
  • Fix: Some custom media fields were not included in the advanced search
  • Fix: Fixed problem saving subtitle files via API
  • Fix: Warnings in media file list when using Transcoding WebService fixed
  • Fix: Possible error when opening the transfer list fixed
  • Fix: Problem with CSV export of the syslog fixed
  • Fix: Error with SAML role mapping fixed
  • Fix: Error when editing role permissions with ViMP Ultimate fixed
  • Fix: Function of upload role permissions revised and corrected
  • Fix: Correcting some file permissions
  • Fix: Issue with missing scrollbars in ViMP message center fixed
  • Fix: Custom logo was no longer included in mobile template
  • Fix: Issue with livestream embed code with autoplay enabled fixed
  • Fix: Issue regarding channel and album output in advanced search fixed
  • Fix: Issue with the visibility of media to be verified in the frontend fixed
  • Fix: Issue with purging users fixed
  • Fix: Fixed media file size output error on backend media info page


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