ViMP 4.4.2

ViMP 4.4.2 contains more improvements and bug fixes for ViMP 4.4. Update now!

Important notes:


Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • New: nDVR for livestreaming in mobile template
  • New: Notification in frontend for API method reportMedium
  • New: CORS header added
  • Improvement: Small template corrections
  • Improvement: Missing translations added
  • Improvement: Performance improvements
  • Fix: E-Learning administrator permissions unified
  • Fix: Video.js threw error under IE11
  • Fix: Warning when clearing cache via backend fixed
  • Fix: LDAP changed back to default port under certain circumstances
  • Fix: Isolated problem with LDAP role mapping fixed
  • Fix: Livestream embed error with autoplay option fixed
  • Fix: Media replacement with additional file upload caused an error
  • Fix: Verification function of replaced media restored
  • Fix: Verification comments are now only visible to authorized users
  • Fix: Error with displaying stream length of nDVR livestreams in ViMP player fixed
  • Fix: Matomo file request occurred even if plugin was disabled
  • Fix: Issue with marking all permissions when creating a new role fixed
  • Fix: Issue with password validation when creating new users via backend fixed
  • Fix: Issue with time-controlled videos in start page player fixed
  • Fix: Issue with keyboard control of Video.js player fixed
  • Fix: XSS vulnerability fixed
  • Fix: Display error in login form fixed
  • Fix: Error when editing a role name fixed
  • Fix: Issue with language selection when languages are disabled in translations index fixed
  • Fix: Problem with date fields when copying media fixed
  • Fix: Problem with pre-filling user field when editing media in backend fixed
  • Fix: Problem with sharing password protected media fixed with multitenancy enabled
  • Fix: Videos were displayed in the startage player without checking their status
  • Fix: Counters were not reset on copied media
  • Fix: Error when copying documents fixed
  • Fix: Further minor fixes and improvements


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