ViMP 5.0.0

ViMP 5.0.0 is our new major release! It contains a lot of improvements and new features. Read here what has changed.

Important notes:


Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • New: Ocean Template (BITV 2.0/WCAG compliant; full responsive)
  • New: Inplace Update
  • New: HTTP/2 support
  • New: PHP 8.0 compatibility
  • New: Improved algorithm for recommended media
  • New: Download logging
  • New: Download counter
  • New: Changelog for media editing
  • New: Role permissions for downloads
  • New: User role displayed in user profile
  • New: VoD user credits added to API method getUser
  • New: Optional synchronization of SAML role mapping and user attributes on every login
  • New: GDPR compliant YouTube and Vimeo embeds
  • New: Additional audio tracks can be added for audio descriptions
  • New: Subtitles for audio files
  • New: API method removeUserRole
  • New: Backend: Number of media of a category included in overview
  • New: Added parameter "private" to API method getMedia
  • New: Position of new media in albums can be preset
  • New: Default profile visibility can be preset
  • New: Select all media with one click when adding to channels, albums and groups
  • New: Agreement of the terms of use per client resettable
  • New: Embed videos without controlbar (optionally)
  • New: Channel roles can be assigned to users in the frontend
  • New: Order of group media can be customized
  • New: Share albums via a secret link
  • New: Direct upload to albums
  • New: Chapter markers for e-learning media
  • New: Create livestreams directly from the frontend
  • New: Automatic timestamp linking in media comments
  • New: Top 10 dashboard extension
  • New: Domain blacklist for registration email addresses
  • New: Embed code in the share box for hidden media can be optionally disabled
  • New: E-mail address can optionally be defined as username at the same time
  • New: Channel role permission to add media of all users
  • New: Complete disabling of the collection of IP addresses in the database (optional)
  • New: Limit length of comments (media, user, livestreams, blogs)
  • Improvement: Channels moved to own plugin
  • Improvement: Video Editor media are transcoded using the default transcoder
  • Improvement: Small style changes in the backend
  • Improvement: Performance optimizations
  • Improvement: Error messages in Video.js can be disabled
  • Improvement: Selection when adding album media is preserved when scrolling
  • Improvement: Transcoding emails are already sent after transcoding the standard format
  • Improvement: Google Analytics tag updated to latest version
  • Improvement: Correct image dimension information for each template
  • Improvement: Redundant configuration option for channel user verification removed
  • Improvement: Better display of videos in portrait mode
  • Fix: When batch uploading multiple videos, thumbnails were not created
  • Fix: Problem with scaling videos in ViMP Player on certain mobile devices fixed
  • Fix: Fixed problem with Video Editor review creation when endcut marker is missing
  • as well as numerous minor improvements


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