ViMP 5.0.1

ViMP 5.0.1 contains minor improvements and some bug fixes for ViMP 5.0. Update now!

Important notes:


Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • New: Number of maximum ViMP backups can be defined in the configuration
  • New: Addition of video player playback speed of 1.25x
  • Improvement: Small design adjustments and layout corrections
  • Improvement: Default activation of download role permissions
  • Fix: Sporadically occurring error when saving the media editing form in the frontend with activated multi-client capability fixed
  • Fix: Error in calculation of free disk space percentage display fixed
  • Fix: Problem with loading GoogleTag Manager fixed
  • Fix: More PHP 8 compatibility adjustments
  • Fix: Error with saving cookie categories in backend configuration fixed
  • Fix: Problem with database constraints in update task fixed
  • Fix: Problem with listing LDAP groups in cluster environments fixed
  • Fix: Problem loading dashboard with very large number of datasets fixed
  • Fix: Error when editing external users in backend fixed
  • Fix: Problem with paid media at price 0 fixed
  • Fix: Error when searching for albums in backend fixed
  • Fix: Error when searching for album owners in backend fixed
  • Fix: Error when sorting the album overview in the backend fixed
  • Fix: Bug with checkout via PayPalPlus in ViMP Ultimate Standard fixed
  • Fix: Problem with correct scaling of videos in portrait mode in Video.js player fixed
  • Fix: Problem with saving disabled form fields fixed
  • Fix: External users could be created without email address
  • Fix: Terms and conditions had to be approved several times when entering incorrect login credentials
  • as well as other small improvements


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