ViMP 5.0.3

ViMP 5.0.3 contains several improvements and bug fixes for ViMP 5.0, including a security fix. Update recommended!

Important notes:


Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • New: New role permission "create forum thread"
  • Improvement: Missing German translations added
  • Improvement: Several minor layout corrections
  • Improvement: Performance improvement with purging media
  • Improvement: Option to display the channel, group and e-learning thumbnails uncut in the overviews
  • Fix: Error with purging users who have already approved media fixed
  • Fix: Error with purging albums that have already been favorited fixed
  • Fix: Status error when creating new users in backend fixed
  • Fix: Error when submitting media edit form with empty media permissions fixed
  • Fix: Problem displaying dashboard in languages other than English or German fixed
  • Fix: Problem with line break of ViMP news in dashboard fixed
  • Fix: Chapter markers were not taken into account when embedding hidden videos
  • Fix: Error when changing a forum to a group forum fixed
  • Fix: Groups only appeared in search results if the search term was in the title AND in the description
  • Fix: Error with escaping LDAP groups fixed
  • Fix: Issue with approving media fixed
  • Fix: Channel cover images were not saved when recreating channels in the backend
  • Fix: Problems during update in case of missing i18n entries fixed
  • Fix: Fixing a potential security vulnerability


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