ViMP 5.0.4

ViMP 5.0.4 contains minor bug fixes for ViMP 5.0. If the bug fixes are not relevant for your ViMP configuration, we recommend waiting for the soon to be released version 5.1.0 before updating.

Important notes:


Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • Fix: Incorrect status message for time-controlled media publications
  • Fix: User logins via SAML and LDAP were not logged
  • Fix: Missing m3u8 manifest files when copying HLS media
  • Fix: Private media no longer appeared in media overviews for owners
  • Fix: Version check for FFmpeg extended
  • Fix: Trimming for SAML attribute fields implemented
  • Fix: Fallback for media with missing m3u8 manifest file implemented
  • Fix: Users could not be purged (ViMP Ultimate only)
  • Fix: Small layout corrections in the backend
  • Fix: Small layout corrections in frontend


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