ViMP 5.1.0

ViMP 5.1.0 is here! The new version contains many new features and improvements. Get informed now!

Important notes:


Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • New: Global playlist function
  • New: Automatic video transcriptions
  • New: Elastic Search support
  • New: Creation of subtitles now also possible directly in the portal (without .vtt file upload)
  • New: Multi-selectbox as custom media and user field
  • New: LDAP task to import users from a directory service
  • New: Livestream comments can be enabled or disabled individually per livestream
  • New: Autosuggestions for usernames in private messages
  • New: SAML support for AES-GCM
  • New: WebTV outsourced to plugin
  • New: Search function for backend configuration
  • New: Drop PHP 7.0 support (at least PHP 7.1 is required)
  • New: Smartphone templates "mobile" and "pacific_mobile" removed
  • New: File sizes added to the media list in the backend
  • New: Password protected media can be added to albums
  • New: Possibility to mark all media at once when adding media in groups
  • New: Ocean template defined as new default template
  • New: Constrained and 2-Path Encoding (optional)
  • New: Possibility to disable autosuggest for tags
  • New: Possibility to disable display of username in frontend
  • New: API method getInstalledLanguages
  • New: Create hidden livestreams
  • New: Possibility to add a static text in the e-learning overview page
  • New: Listing of the latest media comments in the dashboard
  • New: Filter for own and subscribed channels in the channel overview
  • New: Livestreams can now also be deleted via the frontend
  • New: Quality level selector for livestreams (if supported by streaming server)
  • New: New configuration option for setting transcoding audio quality when VBR is enabled.
  • Improvement: New configuration section "Data cleanup"
  • Improvement: Option to keep the original aspect ratio of videos in the additional formats
  • Improvement: Various performance improvements (backend lists, tags autosuggest, general database accesses)
  • Improvement: Changed retrieval of ViMP news in the dashboard to Ajax to avoid possible timeouts
  • Improvement: Resolutions of additional media formats optimized
  • Improvement: Category covers can now be removed in the backend
  • Improvement: Resetting dates in advanced search form
  • Improvement: Minor design and layout improvements in the Ocean template
  • Fix: Problem with sending emails when the username is the same as the user email address
  • Fix: Approval emails have been sent twice sometimes
  • Fix: Problem with default approval of media and blog posts fixed
  • Fix: Incorrect status message when copying media with time-controlled publishing fixed
  • Fix: Error when searching for media with time-controlled publishing fixed
  • Fix: Error when sorting backend tables fixed
  • Fix: Error fixed when creating new LDAP user if user-defined default fields were removed
  • Fix: Fixed problem with visibility of livestream create button
  • Fix: Problem with accepting certain formats in webcam recording fixed
  • Fix: Problem with i18n default value in user role creation fixed
  • as well as many smaller improvements and optimizations


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