ViMP 5.1.1

ViMP 5.1.1 contains several improvements and bug fixes for ViMP 5.1. Update now!

Important notes:


Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • New: Optional SSL forcing
  • New: Frontend media options grouped in dropdown
  • New: Support for Elasticsearch 8.0
  • New: Permissions for sending and receiving friend requests
  • Improvement: Completely reworked ImageManager
  • Improvement: Misleading message for time-controlledd media adapted
  • Improvement: Evaluation of aspect ratio for detection of vertical videos
  • Improvement: Optimization of selection options for sharing media in clients
  • Improvement: Removal of cookie consent link in footer when cookie consent is administratively disabled
  • Improvement: New title separator
  • Improvement: PHPSESSID is no longer used to store session data
  • Improvement: Tootl tips added to media icons under the player
  • Fix: Possible problem during update due to missing i18n entries in categories fixed
  • Fix: Double page rendering when changing translation language in backend fixed
  • Fix: Problem when sorting various backend lists fixed
  • Fix: Problem when highlighting question catalog answer options fixed
  • Fix: Problem with purging group forums and categories fixed
  • Fix: Problem when batch deleting SAML roles fixed
  • Fix: Problem when resetting password fixed
  • Fix: Problem with purging media with subtitles fixed
  • Fix: Deleted categories were still listed on the media page
  • Fix: Problem with uploading learning media fixed
  • Fix: Problem with playing learning media under native HLS fixed
  • Fix: Issue with double rendering of horizontal menu in Pacific template fixed
  • Fix: Problem with playing to be verified media in backend fixed
  • Fix: Improvement in password protected media security
  • Fix: Problem with editing e-learning mandatory fields in backend fixed
  • Fix: Learning courses could not be administratively reactivated once they exceeded the end date
  • Fix: Problem with sharing link of playlists fixed
  • Fix: Number of results per page in the backend is kept again
  • Fix: Missing translations added
  • Fix: Small layout corrections


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