ViMP 5.1.2

ViMP 5.1.2 contains numerous improvements and bug fixes for ViMP 5.1. Update now!

Important notes:


Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • Improvement: Recommended media are limited to the current client
  • Improvement: Minor usability optimizations in the media forms
  • Improvement: Drag'n'drop functionality in playlists optimized
  • Improvement: Various i18n corrections
  • Improvement: Sessionhandling consequently changed to framework sessions instead of PHP sessions
  • Improvement: Several minor design optimizations
  • Improvement: Mandatory field marking in channel and e-learning settings
  • Improvement: Users can now be assigned to clients, channels and groups during CSV user import
  • Improvement: Logfiles consider stored server user and group
  • Improvement: New permissions for the management of learning courses
  • Improvement: Parent navigation elements remain clickable in active state
  • Fix: Race condition in session handling fixed
  • Fix: Problem with backend search fixed
  • Fix: Problem with access to own livestreams, whose publishing period has expired, fixed
  • Fix: Problem with changing a media title whith media replacement enabled fixed
  • Fix: Problem with pagination in translation management in backend fixed
  • Fix: Error when opening the user administration in the backend with activated Elasticsearch connection fixed
  • Fix: Error with the autoplay function of the slider fixed
  • Fix: Fixed issue with accessing locked livestreams on the home page
  • Fix: Channel filters are no longer available for guest users
  • Fix: Problem with access to temporary streaming files fixed
  • Fix: Unavailable livestreams were still listed in the navigation column
  • Fix: Potential problem with extracting ZIP archives fixed
  • Fix: Problem with parsing subtitle files fixed
  • Fix: Problem with generating statistics with many records fixed
  • Fix: Video resolutions in streaming SMIL files corrected
  • Fix: Various security patches
  • Fix: Error when removing a channel menu image fixed
  • Fix: Error with purging users with payment enabled fixed
  • Fix: Fixed problem with showing recommended media in Video.js player
  • Fix: Fixed a problem with the assignment of a startage live stream
  • Fix: Character encoding problem in backend fixed
  • Fix: Missing error message added when entering wrong input field type
  • Fix: Problem in update task when importing new translations fixed
  • Fix: Problem finding custom fields in Elastisearch fixed
  • Fix: Problem with sending emails to email addresses with certain special characters fixed
  • Fix: Transcoding status was displayed incorrectly in the backend when Elasticsearch is enabled
  • Fix: Error when transcribing audio files fixed
  • Fix: Deleted users were still listed in groups they were members of
  • Fix: Records with status deleted were partially no longer displayed in the backend when Elasticsearch is enabled
  • Fix: User city and country were still displayed in the user overlay even if these fields were disabled


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