ViMP 5.1.5

ViMP 5.1.5 contains further improvements and bug fixes for ViMP 5.1. Update now!

Important notes:


Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • New: Permission to access the activity list
  • New: Optional autosuggest deactivation for group invitations combined with invitation to multiple persons
  • New: Email notification after user import with password change request
  • New: Channel permissions can be set with user import
  • Improvement: Minor design fixes
  • Improvement: Minor i18n corrections
  • Improvement: Prompt before deleting subtitle entries
  • Improvement: Time-controlled media are no longer available in playlists
  • Fix: Problem with adding livestreams in backend fixed
  • Fix: Background image could not be added when creating new livestreams in the backend
  • Fix: Problem with displaying statistics in the backend with large amounts of data fixed
  • Fix: Problem with saving user data with empty form fields fixed
  • Fix: Issue fixed with sending medium recommendation emails when users are not logged in
  • Fix: Problem with creating and replacing video editor base videos fixed
  • Fix: Problem with replacing media fixed
  • Fix: Problem with auto-suggestions in group invitations fixed
  • Fix: Problem with finding media by their subtitles fixed
  • Fix: Problem with clicking "Related Videos" checkbox when importing YouTube videos in Ocean template fixed
  • Fix: Problem with updating the playlist embed code fixed
  • Fix: Problem with generating the e-learning statistics PDF fixed
  • Fix: Problem with saving channel changes in backend fixed
  • Fix: Problem with mapping LDAP users with same email addresses fixed
  • Fix: Problem with delivering messages to oneself fixed


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