ViMP 5.1.6

ViMP 5.1.6 contains further helpful improvements and bug fixes for ViMP 5.1. Update now!

Important notes:


Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • New: Channel permissions for user roles
  • New: Hidden channels
  • New: Channel search
  • Improvement: Complete revision of channel permissions
  • Improvement: Further design optimizations
  • Improvement: i18n optimizations
  • Improvement: Improved permission handling during updates
  • Improvement: Marking of mandatory fields in e-learning media upload form
  • Improvement: Forum replies can only be sent if text has been entered as well
  • Improvement: Added possibility to assign channels to categories in the frontend
  • Improvement: Sender of e-learning invitation emails changed to the portal email address
  • Improvement: Display of subcategories in forms optimized
  • Improvement: Confirmation after email recommendation of media
  • Improvement: TIFF image processing optimized
  • Fix: API adjustments for revised subtitle management
  • Fix: Fixed problem with deleting comments in backend
  • Fix: Problem with full text search results fixed
  • Fix: Data deletions in ViMP were not always communicated to Elasticsearch
  • Fix: Older versions of the media import scheme updated
  • Fix: Problem with creating Video Editor source file if only default format exists
  • Fix: Problem with autocompleter in certain areas fixed
  • Fix: Problem with the permission to manage channel users fixed
  • Fix: Error accessing albums in backend belonging to deleted users fixed
  • Fix: Fixed bug with sorting user list in backend with Elasticsearch enabled
  • Fix: Problem with pagination in blog comments fixed
  • Fix: Issue with submitting YouTube import form fixed
  • Fix: Fixed home link on 404 error page
  • Fix: Problem with creating the e-learning statistics export PDF fixed
  • Fix: Problem with displaying admin navigation bar of channels in smartphone view fixed
  • Fix: Sporadic problem with user logout fixed
  • Fix: Error when calling a learning media page with activated chapter marks fixed
  • Fix: Problem with link in group invitation emails fixed
  • Fix: Additional checks to prevent multiple LDAP role assignments
  • Fix: Login mask is no longer displayed when local authentication is disabled
  • Fix: Problem with the validation of the media title fixed
  • Fix: Hidden livestreams could only be created in the frontend and not in the backend 
  • Fix: Problem with upload form with custom multi-checkbox fields fixed
  • Fix: Player embed bug with audio files in backend fixed
  • Fix: Issue with displaying unverified media on media type subpages fixed
  • Fix: Issue with displaying subcategories in upload and edit forms fixed
  • Fix: Link to the group was missing in the group invitation notification
  • Fix: Error with final deletion of users in connection with learning course participations fixed
  • Fix: Already invited group members could be invited again
  • Fix: Potential error when accessing learning courses with the teacher role fixed
  • Fix: Password reset option for SAML users removed
  • Fix: Fixed bug with delete button function for WebTV items
  • Fix: Error with "localhost" in query string of API requests fixed
  • Fix: Error when restoring channel users via backend fixed


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