ViMP 5.1.7

ViMP 5.1.7 contains further improvements and bug fixes for ViMP 5.1. Update now!

Important notes:


Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • Improvement: Display of user profile navigation optimized when accessing other user's profiles
  • Improvement: Subtitle files are now also included in the API response of the getMedium method
  • Improvement: "Share media with client users" now also takes the display name into account in the suggestions
  • Improvement: Optimization of the file name of the e-learning certificate PDF
  • Fix: Problem with sending e-learning certificates fixed
  • Fix: Possible problem with livestream data during update fixed
  • Fix: Partial problem with username search fixed
  • Fix: Problem with saving version number in database fixed
  • Fix: Problem with advanced API search related to time-controlled media fixed
  • Fix: Email sender details for media recommendations from not logged in users corrected
  • Fix: Problem with previewing e-learning certificates fixed
  • Fix: Fixed problem when updating with missing channel access permission in backend
  • Fix: Channel search disappeared when switching the channel overview layout
  • Fix: Problem accessing learning media when media order is enabled


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