VIMP 5.1.8

VIMP 5.1.8 contains some further improvements and bug fixes for VIMP 5.1. Update now!

Important notes:


Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • New: API method for playlist retrieval and management
  • New: Improved transcription job handling
  • Improvement: Transcription options for documents and images removed
  • Improvement: More design optimizations
  • Improvement: Display of the hidden livestream URL in the livestream information in the backend
  • Fix: Problem setting the status "hidden" via the backend for livestreams
  • Fix: Playlist overview view problem fixed
  • Fix: Media from blocked users were still displayed in the list of recommended media
  • Fix: API method extendedSearch did not only return the users but also the media of the users when restricting to "users"
  • Fix: The user "anonymous" was listed in the user list in the backend when Elasticsearch was enabled
  • Fix: With many records the CSV export of the syslog ran into a timeout
  • Fix: Problem with permission check of password protected and media of deleted users in start page player fixed
  • Fix: Problem with displaying the title of newly created playlists fixed
  • Fix: Memory problem with i18n import fixed
  • Fix: Video playback problem when quotation marks were present in the title fixed
  • Fix: Problem with permission check of media between clients fixed
  • Fix: Problem with certain characters in blog title fixed
  • Fix: Problem with displaying channel entries in the left column fixed
  • Fix: Fixed problem with providing the secret link for hidden media
  • Fix: framework cookie was set twice
  • Fix: Elasticsearch integration for channel permissions added
  • Fix: Problem with missing invitation link in group invitation emails fixed
  • Fix: File type check for uploaded thumbnails revised
  • and other minor optimizations and improvements under the hood


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