VIMP 5.3.1

VIMP 5.3.1 contains bug fixes and a default configuration change for VIMP 5.3. Update now!

Important notes:

  • Please check your configuration settings for Screen Recording and Webcam Recording after the update!
  • Find an overview of the new features in our VIMP 5.3 blog post.
  • Also read our technical notes containing important information of the upgrade.


Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • Screen Recording and Webcam Recording are now enabled by default (can be disabled in the configuration at any time)
  • Fix: Various design optimizations
  • Fix: Small i18n improvements
  • Fix: Problem with frameworkless delivery of HLS files fixed
  • Fix: Problem with frameworkless delivery for installations in subdirectory fixed
  • Fix: Problem with token runtime of URL signing fixed
  • Fix: Performance enhancement of media list output in Ocean template
  • Fix: Problem with displaying special characters in foreign language character sets fixed
  • Fix: Problem with media transfer fixed
  • Fix: Problem with automatic search term suggestions fixed
  • Fix: Problem with clean-userdata task fixed
  • Fix: Problems with the webp-conversion task fixed
  • Fix: Problem with LDAP connection in connection with a Windows Server 2012 R2 AD fixed
  • Fix: Removed double headers from e-learning documents
  • Fix: Elasticsearch connection issue with playlists fixed
  • Fix: Caching issue with deleted group forums fixed


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