VIMP 5.6.0

VIMP 5.6.0 has been released! Learn more about the changes and innovations of the new version!

Important notes:


Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • New: Playlist overview page in frontend
  • New: Glossary for Amberscript transcriptions
  • New: Copy function for user roles
  • New: Anonymous configuration data transfer (optional after consent)
  • New: Complete configuration rework
  • New: Adjustable housekeeping options in the configuration
  • New: Global de-/activation of workflow processes
  • New: Embedcode extension to launch videos without sound
  • New: Configuration of the CPU cores to be used for transcoding
  • New: Option to automatically display subtitles when starting the video
  • New: Extension of the embed code by an individual CSS class 
  • New: The download links and hidden links in the share box are now available for administrators in addition to owners
  • Improvement: Optimized return behavior to extended media lists
  • Improvement: Blacklist for defined preset configuration values
  • Improvement: Hide channel search as long as no channels are created
  • Improvement: Player styling changed from CSS ID to CSS class
  • Improvement: User creation via admin panel marks different user status
  • Improvement: Different design and usability optimizations
  • Improvement: Improved database connectivity check when entering an IP instead of a hostname
  • Improvement: Merge of syslog tasks
  • Improvement: Media permissions are now returned in all media API methods
  • Improvement: Rewrite of the e-learning assessment
  • Improvement: VIMP pages included as external pages in the menu are correctly marked as active
  • Improvement: Display of favorites in user profile optimized
  • Improvement: Display of user-defined media fields optimized 
  • Fix: Problem with taking over an existing thumbnail when exchanging a media via the admin panel fixed
  • Fix: Problem with displaying individually uploaded thumbnails fixed
  • Fix: Added missing HLS fallback for audio files 
  • Fix: Problem with loading individual CSS customizations in template manager fixed
  • Fix: Problem with converting images to WebP fixed
  • Fix: Problem with creating wave view in Video Editor V4 for videos without sound fixed
  • Fix: Problem with displaying chapter markers in embed player fixed
  • Fix: Problem with configuration of webchannels fixed
  • Fix: Problem with error handling when transcoding images fixed
  • Fix: Problem with accessing hidden profiles fixed
  • Fix: Problem with deleting learning media fixed
  • Fix: Problem with deleting learning courses fixed
  • Fix: Problem with creating review videos in Video Editor V3 fixed
  • Fix: Problem with submitting an empty form field in configuration search fixed
  • Fix: Problem with sorting channel and group media fixed
  • Fix: Problem with importing user data fixed
  • Fix: Problem with purging users fixed
  • Fix: Fixed problem with preview image display in some rare cases
  • Fix: Problem with role assignment for groups fixed
  • and other minor optimizations and improvements


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