VIMP 5.7.0

VIMP 5.7.0 is our latest release! Learn more about the changes and innovations of this new version.

Important notes:


Please download the new version within your personal download area.



  • New: Javascript embed code
  • New: Complete revision of the webcam recording
  • New: Recursive deletion of categories (including subcategories)
  • New: E-mail reminders and further configuration options for housekeeping
  • New: Search now also includes forum content
  • New: System e-mails are sent from the portal address instead of the user e-mail address (anti-spoofing)
  • New: Improved search function and search suggestions
  • New: SAML certificates can now be added via the configuration
  • New: Option to delete all subtitle entries of a language
  • New: Logfile downloads and exports of user data are logged in the syslog
  • New: Public media of other users can be added to albums
  • New: Support for HEIC/HEIF image format
  • New: Client-dependent menu entries
  • New: Channel users can be invited via the frontend
  • Improvement: Design optimizations
  • Improvement: Optimized language fallback behavior
  • Improvement: No approval of the privacy policy during registration and first login
  • Improvement: Activities tab in user profile is hidden when activity log is deactivated
  • Improvement: Improved support of clients via the API
  • Improvement: Performance optimization when calling up media pages
  • Improvement: Videos are now responsively embedded by default
  • Improvement: Removal of general obsolete code fragments
  • Fix: Display problem with license key end fixed
  • Fix: Issue with purging SAML role mapping entries fixed
  • Fix: Issue with asset creation in Video Editor V4 fixed
  • Fix: Issue with cross-client browsing of channel, album and group media fixed
  • Fix: Error with purging users who have private messages with attachments fixed
  • Fix: Error with purging users who have album favorites fixed
  • Fix: Distortion when capturing images via webcam recording fixed
  • Fix: PHP warnings when running a VIMP update fixed
  • Fix: Issue with collapsing subcategories in upload form fixed
  • Fix: Issue with executing the performance task fixed
  • Fix: Issue with installation with different database port fixed
  • Fix: Issue with view counting of embeds without anonymous authorization fixed
  • Fix: Offset problem with garbage collector fixed
  • and other minor optimizations and improvements


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