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confixx specifics

(This article has been tested on Debian, but should also apply to other installations with confixx)

On servers that use the administrative tool confixx, you cannot edit apache´s php.ini directly. But you can edit php.ini for php´s cli.

In confixx you create the required php settings in httpd special.

confixx specifics:

You have to expand the include_path by adding the ViMP installation folder, its 'lib/symfony/vendor' and 'lib/symfony/plugins/sfPropelPlugin/lib/vendor' folders.

The reason for this is that settings with php_admin_value or php_admin_flag can´t be overwritten by scripts, but ViMP does. confixx uses php_admin_value for its vhost settings. The symfony framework (exact propel) expands the include path by using set_include_path() to add its folders.

An example how the httpd special entry should look (customize web0 and MYDOMAIN.TLD):

DocumentRoot /home/www/web0/html/MYDOMAIN.TLD/web

php_admin_flag safe_mode off
php_admin_flag register_globals off
php_admin_flag allow_url_fopen on
php_admin_value post_max_size 2047M
php_admin_value upload_max_filesize 2047M
php_admin_value memory_limit 512M
php_admin_value include_path '.:/home/www/web0/html/MYDOMAIN.TLD:/home/www/web0/html/MYDOMAIN.TLD/lib/symfony/plugins/sfPropelPlugin/lib/vendor:/home/www/web0/html/MYDOMAIN.TLD/lib/symfony/vendor'

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