ElasticSearch Cronjob

Editions: Corporate, Ultimate
Versions: 5.1.0+

We recommend setting up a cronjob for the ElasticSearch task that periodically re-initializes the database.

The task responsible for this can be called as follows:

./symfony elasticsearch:index

It supports the following parameters:


Enables the detailed output.


Performs cleanup of orphaned data within ElasticSearch only (i.e., data that is no longer in VIMP but still exists in ElasticSearch).


Initializes the indexes within the ElasticSearch instance (new) by deleting the old indexes and creating new ones.

Via a cronjob the task can be called e.g. like this:

0 4 * * * php -f /pfad/zu/vimp/symfony -- elasticsearch:index >> /pfad/zu/vimp/log/elasticsearch-indexing.log 2>&1



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