How do I automate the installation?

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You can let the installation run unattended by predefining a response file (unattended.yml in our example) in the following format:

  server_user:               www-data
  server_group:              www-data

  default_culture:           german
  default_country:           germany
  upload_max_size:           500M

  transcode_required:        false

  transcoding_opensource_ffmpeg:     /usr/bin/ffmpeg
  transcoding_opensource_ffprobe:    /usr/bin/ffprobe
  transcoding_opensource_exiftool:   /usr/bin/exiftool

  portal_name:              VIMP
  portal_title:             VIMP
  portal_keywords:          VIMP
  portal_description:       VIMP

  host:                     localhost
  port:                     3306
  database:                 vimp
  username:                 vimp
  password:                 vimp123

After that, start the installer with installation path and the answer file as follows:

./vimp.framework-<version>-<edition>-installer.bin -y –f unattended.yml -p /var/www/vimp

Replace <version> with the corresponding version number, <edition> with the name of the edition and the final path with the correct path to your VIMP installation.

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