User import via CSV

Editions: Ultimate, Enterprise, Campus
Versions: 4.2.0+

You can import an user base via CSV within the admin panel.

The import process can be started in the Users section of the VIMP backend by clicking the “User Import” button.

Next, you can upload a CSV file that contains your user data row-by-row. The user fields must be separated with the separator you defined in the  User import configuration.

The minimum fields that have to be included into the CSV file are:

  • username
  • password
  • email

Further fields are optional and depend on the custom user fields that you want to be filled.

Here’s an example of a CSV import file:


Here is an extended example with the assignment of groups, clients, channels and channel roles:


The roles are assigned as follows, based on the above example (as of VIMP 5.1.6):

- for the channel with ID 1, the user gets the channel permission Channel Administrator (2)
- for the channel with ID 6, the user gets the channel permission Channel Moderator (1)
- for the channel with ID 8, the user gets the channel permission Channel User (0)

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