Technical innovations of VIMP 5.3

VIMP 5.3 includes new features as well as several useful improvements and optimizations (see changelog). We describe the most important technical innovations here on this page.

System requirements

Please note the system requirements. VIMP 5.3 requires at least PHP 7.1 and supports all subsequent versions up to and including PHP 8.1.

SourceGuardian Loader

The SourceGuardian Loader must be installed at least in version 13.0 to install VIMP 5.3.

Google Analytics 4

You now have the option to connect Google Analytics 4 directly via the configuration. It is recommended to activate both properies (Google Universal Analytics as well as Google Analytics 4) in parallel until the end of Google Universal Analytics, so that you can already collect a sufficient database in GA4 until July 2023.

Configuration default values

Some configuration default values have been adjusted. Below you can see the configuration options and how the default value has changed:

Group Option Old value New value
Basic -> Paging Number of featured media on media overview page 3 4
Basic -> Templates Navigation orientation vertical horizontal
Media -> Media settings Featured Media box default layout Big Thumbs Thumbs
User -> User settings Maximum length of a username 12 24
User -> Login settings Allow access for direct links, if login required Off On
Components -> Components settings Rich Text Editor none CKEditor
Components -> Components settings Enable featured media box on startpage Off On
Components -> Components settings Fillcolor for scaled thumbnails Black Average
Components -> Albums Enable albums On Off
Components -> Groups Enable groups Off On
Components -> Slider Enable slider on startpage On Off
Streaming -> Streaming settings Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABR) aktivieren Off On
Transcoding -> Transcoding settings Parallel transcoding Off On
Captcha -> CaptchaGD Possible characters ABCDEFGHJKLMNPQRSTWXYZ
Captcha -> CaptchaGD Security code length 6 4
Captcha -> CaptchaGD Lines multiplier 30 10

Please check these values in your configuration and change them back to your desired value if necessary.