Technical innovations of VIMP 5.4

VIMP 5.4 includes new features as well as several useful improvements and optimizations (see changelog). We describe the most important technical innovations here on this page.

System requirements

Please note the system requirements. There have been no changes to VIMP 5.3.

SourceGuardian Loader

Also the SourceGuardian Loader has not changed compared to VIMP 5.3. The SourceGuardian Loader must be installed at least in version 13.0 to install VIMP 5.4.

New configuration options for the left column

In the Ocean template, you now have the option to configure the order as well as the visibility of the elements of the left column (vertical navigation, channel teaser, livestream teaser, categories, tags).

Furthermore, the left column can now be hidden completely. Please note that you have to switch to horizontal navigation before. Also, in this case you should create a category menu item in the main navigation.


You now have more flexibility when naming media titles thanks to the additional field for the SEO URL. This is filled automatically when you enter a title. However, you now also have the option of editing the SEO title, which is displayed within the URL, separately from the title at any time.

Separate images for thumbnail view of channels, groups and learning courses

Since the formats of the cover images of the Channels, Groups and Learning Courses sections differed greatly from the format of the thumbnails in the overview lists, automatic cropping or resizing did not always yield the optimal result. Therefore, it is now possible to upload separate images for these thumbnail views.

Existing thumbnails will not change at first after the update to VIMP 5.4. Only when you upload a separate thumbnail image, it will be used.

New configuration group "Home page

In the configuration of the administration area, you can now find all settings concerning the start page under the new configuration group "Start Page", which is located in the "Components" section.

Helpful hints in the update task

When installing or updating VIMP, from now on the update task will remind you about important settings, such as creating necessary cronjobs.

API changes

The getMedia API method now supports an additional parameter that can be used to add media with a specific status to the results list in addition to the released media.

For example, if you also want to get back media that is currently being converted, simply add the include_status parameter with the value "converting" to the API request. Additional statuses can be added in a comma-separated manner.