Technical innovations in VIMP 5.6

In the following you will learn which technical innovations you have to pay attention to when updating to VIMP 5.6. As always, you can find the complete list of changes in our Changelog.

System requirements

Please note the system requirements. Basically, there have been no changes to the requirements for version 5.5.

SourceGuardian Loader

The SourceGuardian Loader must be installed at least in version 14.0 to install VIMP 5.6.

Important: What is new in VIMP 5.6 is that all versions, including VIMP Ultimate, now require installed SourceGuardian Loader. Therefore, please be sure to install them on your server before updating a VIMP Ultimate version. Installation instructions for different Linux distributions can be found in our FAQ.

Transmission of anonymous configuration data

With VIMP 5.6 we introduce the voluntary transfer of configuration data. When accessing the administration area, you will be asked for your consent to have anonymous configuration data transferred to VIMP.

The transfer contains only anonymous configuration data, which does not allow any conclusion about the licensee. You will have full insight into the data to be transferred. No personal data will be transferred.

With the transmission of this data you help us to develop VIMP even more targeted for you. Therefore, we explicitly ask for your consent. Thank you very much!

Amberscript Glossaries

If you use the automatic transcription via Amberscript, you get a useful additional feature. With the glossaries, you can create a dictionary of words per video, whose entries will be used if a sufficient similarity is detected during transcription. This is particularly useful, for example, for names or special terms that are often misinterpreted by the AI.

Activate the glossaries under Components -> Transcription.

User status after adding via admin panel

Previously, users who were added manually via the admin panel had to be verified again. This step is now skipped and administratively added users immediately receive the complete activation.

New task for deleting old API tokens

You can use the new task


to delete expired API tokens from the database. It is recommended to call this task regularly as a cron job. The time span after which the expired API tokens should be deleted can be set in the configuration.

Transcoding Taskset

Starting with VIMP 5.6 you have the possibility to define exactly how many CPU cores should be used for transcoding the media.To do this, activate the Transcoding Taskset and then specify the cores to be used.

Revised configuration

We have fundamentally revised the configuration. From now on, you change your configuration values with even fewer clicks and we have also removed a number of obsolete configuration parameters.

Changed default values of the configuration

For the following configurations, the default value has been changed from "Disabled" to "Enabled":

  • Personalized Media Recommendation
  • Resume Media Playback
  • Resume Playback Box

These values are now enabled by default in new installations or even after updates, unless their value has already been changed at least once in the configuration.

Important: Please check these settings after the update to make sure they are set according to your requirements. You can find the settings under Configuration - > Media - > Media Settings.

Global release process switch

The advanced sharing processes must now be enabled globally before they can be applied. The update process detects whether you have already activated individual release options. If this is the case, the global release process is automatically activated. Otherwise it remains deactivated.

Important: Please check the correct setting of this value after the update. You can find the option under Configuration -> Users -> Sharing Processes -> Enable Sharing Process Plugin.

Automatic deletion of inactive users and media

In the configuration under Configuration -> Basic -> Data Purge you can set after which period of time media and/or inactive users should be deleted automatically.

For the deletion additionally two cronjobs are needed, which you can find described here in our FAQ.

Important: The cronjobs delete the media and/or users permanently. Please take this into account when setting up the time span.

Copying roles

You can copy your user roles as of VIMP 5.6. If you have configured an LDAP or SAML role mapping, please additionally note the two new configuration options under Components -> Roles Administration. Here you can define whether the role mappings for LDAP and SAML should be copied as well.

Custom CSS class for embeds

The embedcode generator now offers the possibility to assign an own CSS class to the embedcode. To do this, simply enter the name of the CSS class in the generator. On the web page where you embed the player, you can then access this CSS class and define your own stylings for it.

Translation correction

When setting a scheduled release, the confirmation message displays the start date again instead of the end date. This bug is hidden in the German language file and has been fixed for new installations. However, it must be fixed manually for updates of existing installations, as we do not overwrite translations here by default.

To do this, search for it in the administration in the translation area:


and replace the following sentence:

Das Veröffentlichungsdatum des Mediums wurde auf '@param' bis '@param' gesetzt.

by this:

Das Veröffentlichungsdatum des Mediums wurde auf '@param' bis '@param2' gesetzt.

Automatic subtitle insertion

Do you want your videos to always start with subtitles. Then you can activate the default subtitle insertion under Player -> Player Subtitles.

If available, subtitles in the currently selected language will then be activated automatically when the video starts.